"Turtle" tracking bracelet

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❌ This Tracking Bracelet is not a simple bracelet ...


Indeed, by buying this one you contribute directly to the protection of Sea Turtles by removing 2kg of plastic from the oceans, the equivalent of 160 bottles. 🌊


🐢 On top of that, each Turtle bracelet comes with a secret access link to find out your turtle's name, rehabilitation history and track her movements in the oceans of the world to watch over her every day!

As soon as the rescued turtles are ready to be released at sea, our partners attach a small, harmless and non-invasive GPS device to them so that we can track their recovery and study their migratory patterns.📍

You too can follow the exciting daily life of the Turtle of which you are the Godfather / Godmother!

Each bracelet color allows you to track a different turtle. Collect them to watch over multiple Sea Turtles at the same time!

Take advantage of our offer 2 bought = 1 free by adding three bracelets to your basket to follow three Sea Turtles and make an even stronger contribution! 💙

NOTE: There is no additional cost to tracking turtles, just purchase a bracelet!

By combining a bracelet with a strong symbol and a unique tracking experience, we hope to raise your awareness for the protection of Sea Turtles and help you discover their exciting lives in the world's oceans. 🌎

Wear a strong symbol every day with the Tortue Club Ocean © bracelet and show your support for the sea turtle cause.

Our turtle bracelets are made in an eco-responsible way with natural ceramic beads.

  • Adjustable size, suitable for all wrists from 3 years old
  • Unisex design
  • Natural and impact resistant pearls
  • Take part in the cause of the Sea Turtles
  • GPS tracking of your Turtle included for each bracelet ordered

No, you just need to buy a bracelet to receive your secret access to the tracking of your animal. No additional charges apply

When releasing them, a small harmless and non-disturbing GPS device is placed in order to be able to follow the good recovery and study the movements of the animal.

At the same time as your bracelet, you will receive a secret QR code allowing you to access your animal tracking page. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us by email at contact@clubocean.co