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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

ClubOcean supports the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international organization in its actions to protect marine ecosystems and biodiversity. 🐋 🐬


Sea Shepherd, founded in 1977, is an international non-governmental organization known worldwide for its visible and sometimes very forceful actions in their active fight to defend marine animals.

It is particularly involved in the fight against illegal fishing, whaling, dolphin hunting in Japan, pilot whale hunting in the Faroe Islands, seal hunting and overfishing linked to industrial fishing.

With a fleet of ships, helicopters and drones, Sea Shepherd intends to act where national authorities cannot to directly confront those who illegally harm marine animals through numerous well-documented operations.

500€ Donation


We are infinitely grateful for your support for marine animals and those who act on their behalf.💙

If you would like to learn more about Sea Shepherd's actions or support them directly, discover their official website right here.