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Bwärä Tortues Marines

Bwärä Tortues Marines

ClubOcean supports the Bwära Tortues Marines based in New Caledonia in its actions for the protection of Marine Turtles. 🐢


Founded in 2006, this association ensures the protection of local marine turtles in their nesting process. New Caledonia is the second largest nesting site of the Bighead Turtle in the South Pacific.

Their actions also extend to the reforestation of the coasts and to the education and the sensitization of the public to the topics of the protection of the marine turtles and the environment.

9'500$ Donation


We are infinitely grateful for your support for the Sea Turtles and those who act for their cause.💙

If you wish to learn more about the actions of Bwära Turtles or support them directly, discover their official website right here.